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It's your choice to select the type of glass which you have to use.

Before selecting the product, you have to know the quality and durability of the product. Many different varieties of glass are available in our market. Quality is most important. 

You are free to select the product, but you can't choose fitting workers. Decodeal ensures good and hardworking workers with neat works. All can trust us. 

Decodeal strength is their workers. Well-experienced staffs are our power. There are different types of accessories we use in glass fittings like hinges, connectors, patch fittings, etc.

Types of Hardware Fixtures Used in Glass Fittings

#1)Glass Hinges

The Glass Hinges are used to fix two glasses in a particular form. These hinges are made up of high-grade steel and require minor guidance to fit on the glass. Some popular brands like Dorma, Zaha, Doset, etc. are available at Industrybuying at very nominal prices.

#2)Glass Connectors

Glass connectors seem like glass hinges and come in different types like glass to glass and glass to wall types. These connectors are used at the time of adding multiple glasses in a straight form. They come in various shapes like rectangle and round shapes and in various angles of positioning like 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

glass fixing company - deco deal technical services

#3)Patch fitting

Patch fittings are frame-less glass fixing, which evolved as a modern interior and exterior design architecture option for commercial and residential purposes. Patch-fitting concepts are a perfect mix of toughened glass and glass hardware accessories. The toughened glasses are designed for patch fittings concept with tailor-made glasses.

Cutouts and holes are given to fix the glass architectural hardware patch fittings whereas the frame-less patch fittings of glass doors act as security control in major interior and exterior glass frames. In patch fitting doors, some hardware is used as a top, bottom patch fittings, patch fittings lock, clamps, and lock. Some excellent glass designs can be made with the help of frame-less patch fittings widely used for glass partition work in interior and exterior concepts.

In-patch fittings hardware is made of forged brass and 316 stainless steel (SS) cover plates. Patch fittings are the best concept available to date with many designing features available for the architecture and interior designers. The glass partition architecture is one of the premier replacements for all other partition works.

Apart from wall glass fixing, glass partition can be used as roof partition and floor partition works involving various hardware fixtures and models to suit almost all the remarkable architecture. In upcoming days glass partition architecture will dominate the rest of the partition work and the complete building architecture work can be glass made with the emergence of glass partition design.

#4)Spider fittings

Spider fittings are quite popular in glass fittings in terms of safety and security for the end-users. Various toughened glass thicknesses can be used in spider fittings like 12mm toughened glass, 15mm toughened glass and 19mm toughened glass panels. The body support for the spider glazing fittings can be taken from the architecture of the building and for the larger elevations structural support should be created with mild steel or high-grade stainless steel.


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